How do I redeem Melodyne 4 Essential? ​

  If you recently purchased Music Production Suite 2 or Nectar 3 you qualify for a free copy of Melodyne 4 Essential. Below are the redemption steps for getting you up and running with your free copy of Melodyne serial number: 

If you purchased Nectar 3 or Music Production Suite 2 from a retailer or received a free upgrade during the pre-sale, please follow these steps below:

1. Authorize your serial number for Nectar 3 or the Music Production Suite 2.

2. Go to 

3. Select the button under the product that you purchased (Nectar 3 or Music Production Suite 2)

* Vocal Chain Bundle purchasers should select Nectar 3.

4. Enter your e-mail

5. Receive your Melodyne serial and visit to register, install, and download

If you purchased directly from iZotope, your Melodyne serial number is included with your Nectar 3 or Music Production Suite 2 Serial number on your order confirmation.

These will be formatted as shown below. 


 - Once you have your serial number, go to 

- If you are a first time user, please create a Celemony account. 

 - Next click on register serial number. 

- Paste in your serial and click on register. 

Once completed, you can download Melodyne through your Celemony account.



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